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25 jan, Stockholm
Strenthen your brand via social media

Feb 10, Stockholm
Step 2, giftwrapping, workshop

Feb 15, Stockholm
Step 1, giftwrapping, worksh



... is  the first and only company in Sweden that offers a wide range of services and products specialized in giftwrapping.

We offer

  • workshop and seminars for the retail business (open and tailormade) in giftwrapping, shop communication, giftwrapping brand strategies
  • workshops for consumers in giftwrapping, cardmaking, furoshiki, scrapbooking 
  • workshops and seminars for the B2B och B2C market in marketing, communication, sales, mentoring, social media, PR and entrepreunship
  • creative and unique staff- and customer events for all kinds of companies and organisations
  • professional giftwrapping events and services for retail business, shopping malls and comanies
  • giftwrapping branding consultancy services for the retailbusiness and companies
  • window shopping branding consultancy services (workshops and consultancy)
  • styling of giftwrapping gifts and interiors (for advertising companies, commercials, for Internet, TV & Film-productions )
  • creative books in giftwrapping, napkin folding, cardmaking etc

Our business idea

We are a consultant- and training instutue (giftwrapping school) offering giftwrapping services, inclu training in professionl giftwrapping, wrapping profiling, styling, giftwrappingevent consultancyserivces and seminars.

We offer professional training in giftwrapping for individual shops, chains of shops, franchise chains, departmentstore and shopping malls. In the trainings we also offer the shops how to create their own giftwrapping profile in purpose

We believe..

To survive in the retail business, shops need to be more serviceminded, they have to found more and new ways to attract customers to choose a certain shop, brand etc. When competion is getting harder and there are more shops selling the same products, have the same pricestrategies and sometimes also compete on the same geographical, they need to foucs more on customer relation management and uniqe serviceconceps

About us

Surprisehouse is a Swedish company founded in 2003 by CEO and Giftwrap Artist Annica Thorberg. She is the only professional  Giftwrap-artist in Scandinavia. The comany has since it was founded through Annica Thorberg  offering workshops based in japanese gifftwraping tecniques (tsutsumi or hozô, as well as furoshiki) but combined japanese style and tradition with the american giftwrapping styles an adopt it to the Europan style, culture and She has a long background in marketing, communication and PR as a marketing manager. She learnt professional giftwrappig first time at NK, the leading departmentstore in Stockholm, Sweden, and also self-made and have got training from japanse.