Sve Eng

Workshops and seminars for the retail business

Vi offer workshops and seminars (open as well as tailormade) in professional giftwrapping and giftwrapping brand strategies as well as master classes in "Shop entrepreneurship". Our services is best suited for individual shops, chain of shops, shopping malls, shop/branch organisations, collages and fairs 

Giftwrapping and wrapping strategies

  • tailormade workshops for a special shop segment (toys, china, clothes, gifts etc) directly in the shops)
  • tailormade workshops for fairs (visitors) (local, national as well as international fairs)
  • open workshops in our own giftwrapping school in the city of Stockholm 
  • open seminars for trade organisations, company organisations, chamber of commerce etc
  • consultancy services in giftwrapping brand strategieskonsultjänster för ta fram er egna "paketprofil"
  • Customerevents for shop´s customers/ customer membership clubs
  • Purchase of giftwrapping material such as giftwrapping paper, ribbons, boxes etc (we are speciliazed in double sided paper )